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    Performance Issue

    Shivarama krishna K

      Hi All,


      I am facing a issue w.r.t data loads through publisher.Till last week the Data loads use to happen very fastly i.e 1 million rows of data hardly takes  2-3 mins.All of a sudden i dont know what has happened the loads time  increased to 23 mins for the same 1 Million rows of data. I have checked with the nwtworking guys is there any problem from their end.Manually if i copy the files from QV server to my local the speed is too good (up to 2 MBPS).


      The reason i am posting this issue is to know is there any configurations do we need to check in this kind of scenario's or if you have suggestion to be followed to reslove this issue.


      Please give ur inputs/suggestions.




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          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

          Hi Shiva,


          If you have not upgraded the OS or done any other change in the computer and software, the first try I'd do is log on to the Server as the QlikView services account, then open Desktop and do a manual reload of the script just in case all paths and drives are properly set, and permissions as well.


          Is there any chance that the process is running along with any other intensive usage process such as backups, antivirus scans, or so?


          By the way, once the document reloads, does it work fine (objects rendering, calculations, change of sheets) or it performs poorer than before?


          Hope that helps.



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            bryan smith

            Currently suffering this exact same issue QV11 publisher server running fine up until yesterday now a job that used to run in 20 mins takes hours via the QMC but run the QVW manually on the server it runs in 20 mins as expected. Pulling from SQL 2016 but been that way for months nothing changed on either servers. Was a root / fix ever found to this?