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    Display fixed months in columns



      I'm pretty new to Qlikview and I've been asked to display a straight table box with 12 months of datae. I created a calendar with the following fields.

      - trxdate

      - calyear  (yyyy)

      - calmmm  (JAN, FEB, MAR, ...)

      - calmonth (01, 02, ...)


      I need to display OCT sales in column 1, NOV sales in column 2, DEC sales in column 3 and so on, always.  My sales field is SalesAmt. Depending on the month selected, that month will be hightlighted.


      I don't know if there exists something like an array function where I can simply put calmonth(1) SalesAmount, calmonth(2) SalesAmount, etc ...


      I haven't coded anything yet I'm still in the analyzing stage.