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    Change dimension based on selected expression

      Hi there,


      I have a bar chart for which I have 4 dimensions and 4 expressions. Lets give them random names before I start describing my problem (screen shots have the real names I have used)


      Dimensions   Expressions

      DimA             ExpA

      DimB             ExpB

      DimC             ExpC

      DimD             ExpD


      Note: Dimensions are cyclic grouped and Expressions are also cyclic grouped (Please see attached screen shots)


      DimA - formula used is =Aggr(DISTINCT ROUND(DimA, .1), DimA)

      ExpA - formula used is =Count(ROUND(DimA, .1))


      The same formula applies to all other dimensions and expressions (Only the dimension and expression names change in the formula).


      Apparently, currently the users when they select ExpA then they must select DimA to see the correct results in the graph. Similary if they select ExpB then DimB must be selected to see the correct results.

      This is a bit annoying sometimes and I wanted to know if there is a way by which I can achieve the following


      1. Whenver user selects an ExpA automatically DimA must be selected.

      2. Above must apply to all other expressions.

      3. Show only the result of one selected expression (with one dimension) at a time.


      Is this doable in any way?