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    QV11 Plug-in mixed content error

    Trevor Roth

      I have QV11 SR2 deployed using IIS, QVS is clustered and a F5 load balancer is out in front. When I hit my QVWs with the IE Plug-in I get the ‘Mixed Content’ error message (AJAX does not display this message).


      Logical - target arch.png

      I noticed that if (using the plugin) I set the browser to http://<servername>/qlikview I do not get the mixed content error, while I do get it when browse to https://<servername>/qlikview or http://<loadbalancer>/qlikview.




      Are there any special configuration settings I need to be aware of on the load balancer? I noticed that my infrastructure team set the load balancer to redirect from http to https – might this be causing problems with the plug-in?


      Also, when I run a netstat on my machine I can see a port open to my QVS on 4747 – my infrastructure team is doubting this and telling me that communication is happening on 80/443. My understanding is that when I use the plug-in all communication is happening on 4747 / 4774 – is this correct?


      Any thoughts on next steps in troubleshooting this?


      Thanks in advance!