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    Hardik Gandhi



      I have a customer table holding the information for all the departments:



      ABC - 1234

      XYZ - 1234456


      QVW - 98712


      I am extracting the fund information from the department as:

      SubField(Department,'-',1) as Fund


      Everything works fine here but I would like to rename Null as 'N/A' when I extract the fund information using

      SubField(Department,'-',1) as Fund,




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          Stefan Wühl



          replace(subfield(Department,'-',1),'Null','N/A') as Fund

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              Hardik Gandhi

              It is not working. It still displays as empty field.

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                  Jefferson Martins



                  You can use isnull() function to do this


                  if ( not isnull(Department), subfield(Department,'-',1), 'N/A'as Fund




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                    Try If(Len(Department) <> 0, SubField(Department,'-',1), 'N/A') as Fund,

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                      John Witherspoon

                      Works fine for me IF by 'Null' you mean the string 'Null'.  So I'm betting you meant the field is actually null.  Then perhaps this:


                      if(len(subfield(Department,'-',1)),subfield(Department,'-',1),'N/A') as Fund


                      Is there a string version of the alt() function?  That would be simpler if so, but I'm not aware of one and don't see anything promising in the list of string functions.  Maybe there's some other way to simplify it, though.


                      Edit: I was too slow with my post, and indeed my expression was more complicated than it needed to be.  You can slightly simplify what Ducati 888 SP5 wrote, though, since 0 is false:


                      if(len(Department),subfield(Department,'-',1),'N/A') as Fund


                      Though I suppose that if the value of Department was '- Something', you might need my more-complicated version.  I'm guessing you don't have data like that, though.