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    Dimensions in Pie Chart



      I have a pie chart in QV 10 where I would like to show the information about the percent of sales in one Year comparing to the Year before and with the next Year, meaning I would have something like:


      Year Selected: 2011


      The pie chart would 3 slices with something like:

      2010 - 25%

      2011 - 34%

      2012 - 41%


      Is this possible? How can I achieve this?


      Thanks in advance

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          In addition, I have a report with that pie chart but I can't get it to print the % next to the slices as I can see in the screen... is that possible as well?



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              John Witherspoon

              If your year is a 4-digit number, I believe this:


              Dimension  = if(Year>=$(=max(Year)-1) and Year<=$(=max(Year)+1),Year)
              Expression = sum({<Year=,Month=,etc. for all calendar fields>} Sales)
              checkmark "values on data points" on expressions tab
              checkmark "relative" on expressions tab


              If your year is a date formatted as YYYY (which is what I usually do):


              Dimension  = if(Year>=$(=addmonths(max(Year),-12)) and Year<=$(=addmonths(max(Year),12)),Year)

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                  I've done it now!


                  I hadn't my Expression fine so it didn't work as I expected but it was a mistake of mine so thank you very much John, I've done the pie chart now.


                  I still got the "error" in the report. When I create/edit the report, the % appear in the chart but if I do "Print Preview" they don't appear :s