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    Filter by Negative values in a pivot table

      Hi There,


      I have pivot chart containing a lot of production data.


      One of the expressions is in the chart shows the number of Items available based on a wee bit of set analysis.


      There are a number of other expressions shown too that provide detailed information on the same row.


      The client would like to be able click a button and only see items that are of negative value. Then unclick it and see everything again.


      I can't think of a way to do this. Is it possible?


      I kind of got it working with Dimension Limits but was wondering if there was another more flexible way.


      eg. table


      Item Name | Sales Prior Period | Sales Current | Stock Available

      Item 1                    20                         18                    5

      Item 2                    14                         14                    -2

      Item 3                    11                         13                    -5

      Item 4                    9                           12                    7



      Click a button and only see Items 2 and 3.


      Anyway ideas?