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    Use chart dimension value in expression



      I am not sure if this is possible in QlikView, but I am wanting to use the value in a charts dimension, to evaluate in the expression to calculate retention. 


      So my data is showing number of people who started, and then how long the stayed a customer.




      Null means they are still a customer.


      So what I would like to see is a line graph that shows the remaning customers I have over time.

      So the after 1 month, I would have 4 customers

      After 2 months, 3 customers remaining

      After 3 months, 3 customers remaining

      After 4 months, 2 customers remaining


      So for the expression to count the number of customers I have left, I have a set expression similar to:

      Sum( {$< CHANGE = {1} >}


                  [StopAfterNumberOfMonths] >= (insert value of the time dimension here)

                  OR ISNULL([StopAfterNumberOfMonths])

                  , CHANGE

                  , 0

              ) )



      So the chart knows that when it is showing data for Jan, it will put a 1 in the above set expression. If it is calculating Feb, it will put a 2 in the expression above.


      Is there a way to do this using set expression or something else?


      Thanks ahead of time