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    Formatting a calculated dimension pivot table

    Chris Baldock

      Hi All,


      I am creating a pivot table using two calculated dimensions which (using a number of variables) count the number of records which fall between the variables specified. The table works fine but I now want to format the background colour to specify certain colours depending on the calculated groups.


      An extract of the code I have for the dimension calculations is as follows:


      Calculated Dimension 1:


      = IF(CUMULATIVE_PERCENTAGE <= vKeeper and PROFIT > 0, 'Keeper',

         IF(CUMULATIVE_PERCENTAGE > vKeeper and CUMULATIVE_PERCENTAGE <= vMaintainer, 'Maintainer'))


      Calculated Dimension 2:


      = IF(Percent_Weeks_Sold >= vRunner, 'Runner',

      Percent_Weeks_Sold < vRunnerand Percent Weeks_Sold >= vRepeater, 'Repeater'))

      = IF(


      My expression is a simple count ( =Count(product) of all products which fall into each of these calculated categories.


      The pivot table produced looks as follows:




      I now want to format the value cells, for example the cell relating to keeper/runner = lightgreen(), keeper/repeater = lightblue(), maintainer/repeater = lightred() etc.

      Does anyone know how I can set the colour formatting to colour the cells in line with the calculated dimension?

      Many thanks,