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    Grouping of values in a barchart

      Hi QC


      I have a problem i havent been able to solve... the x-axe shows time (in days) and y-axe shows amount.


      I wanted to group days 0 - 4 and its values (the green bars below) in one bar, then days 5 - 9 in one bar (the orange bars) and so forth...


      Ive done this in excel on the same data by grouping the days 0 - 4 in a pivot table and make the chart based on the data from the pivot table, but i havent been able to pull it off in Qlikview.


      Days are entered as a dimension and amount as an expression, and the chart is made in the QV IE Plugin.


      Anybody have a solution on how to do this?


      chart grouping.jpg