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    Security help

    Chris Hopkins

      ARRGGGHHH! i am losing the will to live!

      Can anyone help me to get SECTION ACCESS working please?


      I am trying to reduce data by 2 fields (Sales Pool and Salesman).

      I want to use NTNAME and have a backup ADMIN hardcoded into the script, i want to load in the data from an excel sheet.

      I have attached an excel file with the data needed.and an example of what i want to do is..


      ADMIN can see everyone and all regions.


      USER1 can see [Sales Pool] DIR and  SalesmanAlec Nicolson and Alec Ross

      USER2 can see  [Sales Pool]DIR and  SalesmanAndrew Mason, Anthony Boole, Archie Leitch

      USER3 can see everyone in [Sales Pool] LG

      USER4 can see  [Sales Pool]CON ans SalesmanLes Daubney



      I have looked at loads of examples on here but can't seem to get it working.

      Can anyone help please?


      attached are the samples, i dont know if the way i am trying to do it is too complicated or not.

      Any help would be appreciated.

      The hardcoded userid is ADMIN and password is ADMIN