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    Difficulties to find data from SAP



      I am building a report for MRP calculations. I have QlikView connected to SAP with SAP connector. I can see in SAP report that the data I am looking at is in table "MDEZ" which is not the original SAP table. Would you now how this table is build? Which table's are used for the MDEZ? The table is related to the SAP program called "SAPMM61R".


      Or would you now transaction in SAP how I could display structures of different SAP programs?


      Many thanks already beforehand!



      Janne Vauhkonen

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          Hamish Imrie

          Try the table viewer via Transaction Code SE16N....

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              Thanks! Can you see also SAP generated tables with the transaction SE16N, like this MDEZ? I think that that with transaction SE16 you can see this table

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                  Hamish Imrie

                  Do you have any experience with SAP? If so, then on Transaction SE16N you might be able to drill down to the underlying table or view name by selecting the spanner in the properties menu behind a field.


                  SAP is not very user friendly at all!


                  If you need help getting table then you have a number of options:

                  1) Replicate via Report Builder

                  2) SE16N

                  3) Ask your ABAP developer for help - they should be able to find the data reasonably quickly.


                  If your environment changes frequently, it is best to build a regular extract via ABAP. This means that any system changes in SAP will cater for your report by the ABAP team. If you plug into SAP in an adhoc way there are often glitches with SAP updates (espectially with User Specific role / security changes etc)

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                      I were able to see the structure of MDEZ with SAP transaction SE12. I can see now all fields in this MDEZ table. However I can't see from which tables data is coming from. If I try find these individual fields with Qlikview Script builder, it looks like most of the fields are only in MRP table which is MDTB. However, when I pullout the data from the MDTB there is no data. How this can be?

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                  SE16N might not be avaliable in some systems (authorization policy and/or product version).

                  SE16 gives almost same functionality.

                  Try to use SE11 to see table definition might be very usefull to get meta data information.


                  MDEZ might be a structure which is filled by program you mentioned, meanning to extract this data you need to create program to fill previously created tabel (custom made) on ERP site.