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    Publisher: Distribute the report as email body & Different email messages



      Question 1

      I have a report currently distributed in PDF by email from Publisher.


      But my users are using the blackberry to read their emails, and they hate to download the PDF from the email's attachment because the blackberry takes some time to load the PDF, and is not user friendly when they need to zoom in and out to view the numbers in the report.


      They have requested to receive the report as part of the email body, so they will have less clicks.


      Is there anyway to do that with QlikView? If not, any alternate workaround?



      Question 2

      The QlikView Mgmt Console only has one email template for all report distributed by email. We only have limited option to customize the email such as the date, report name, etc.


      My users wanted to have a totally different messages in the email for every report.
      Report A:
      Hi Finance users, please find the attachment for the xxx report.
      If you have any questions, feel free to contact James from the IT Finance James@xxx.com



      Report B

      Dear HR users, the weekly xxx report is as per attached.

      If you have any enquiries, you may contact Allen allen@xxx.xom


      I know there's a third party tool NPRINTING which allows us to do that, but we want to avoid paying more for additional license.
      is there any other workaround?