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    Background Image Alignment in Bar Chart

      Hello Everyone,


      I want to set company logo on the right bottom corner of each chart, so that chart could be only copied with Company's logo.

      I could see the we can set the background image in charts but I am not able to align the image to right bottom in bar/line charts.


      This option is available in straight table and pivot table when background images could be aligned. I am still using Qlikvew Version 10 SR3.

      Please let me know if this is possible?


      (Please look into the attachment, the bottom image is something that I want.)


      Thanks in Advance!

        • Re: Background Image Alignment in Bar Chart
          Aadil M


          well.. you can try something like this..


          after you have positioned your chart and sized it properly to fit the page..


          take a screenshot of the page..


          paste the image into photoshop or ms paint...


          and cut the chart alone and create a sperate image..


          make that image white... and then overlay your logo and position it at the bottom right corner..


          and save that image..


          now use this image in your chart background..


          hope that helps...