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    How to handle more than 50 tasks at a time in Qlikview Publisher?

    Advait Thakur

      Hello Experts,

        Hope you are doing well. I am posting for understanding one scenario in Qlikview Publisher.

      It would be really great if anybody is having any thoughts/suggestion and ideas for it.


      As we all know that QV Publisher can handle only 10 concurrent tasks at a time. If we try to go beyond limitation

      of 10 then automatically the new task (11th Task) gets into Queue or fails.


      I would like to understand how we can handle more than 30-50 concurrent tasks at a time in Qlikview Publisher.

      None of the running task should get fail or interrupted.


      I was just wondering about: Is there any way for clustered publisher servers which can be configured

      to handle the balance of 50 concurrent tasks at a time !!!


      Limitation: I don't want to add another Qlikview Publisher.

      I am having Qlikview 11 - SR1.


      I wanted to implement the best approach for it so please let me know if you have any ideas/suggestions/thoughts for the same.


      Your help would be highly appreciated.



      Thank You,