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    Constraining server object creation

    Angus Monro

      Is there a way to put memory or time constraints on server object creation by end-users, in QV10? 


      I have QVWs for which we are presently allowing web-based users to add their own objects, but are sometimes crashing QVS.exe on account of memory consumption when they create particularly mammoth objects (a favourite is to build a Pivot chart that has a dimension field that is particularly long across the horizontal axis, or use a field that isn't actually related to the other fields in the chart, causing a cross-table size explosion).  Hence, I'm wondering if there's a way for users to be able to make charts, but have the server cease constructing it if it hits a memory limit (preferably) or else hits a time limit (otherwise).





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          Paul Routledge

          One possibility is:

          in QMC


          System -> Setup -> QlikView Servers -> MyServer

          snd in the right hand pane choose Performance tab.

          Under the Document section there is Object Calculation Time Limit


          Set this to something more strict like 10 seconds. Then if a user creates a bad object QlikView Server will stop trying to calculate it after 10 seconds. If it times out the chart on the user's screen will show 'Calculation Timed Out'.


          At least here you are protecting the server and other user sessions from run away CPU use, and memory use.