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    Concat() - how to use the list in Set Analysis

      Hi All


      I've created a simple example, which I just cannot get to work.


      sum ({<SalesPerson={'AA','BB','EE'}>}Sales)


      I have the above formula and would like to replace the 'AA','BB','EE' string using the Concat() formula.


      I tried the following, but cant get it to work, the portion in green is intended to replace the 'AA','BB','EE' as noted above.


      =sum({<SalesPerson={"=concat({<Include = {'Y'}>}chr(39) & SalesPerson & chr(39),',')"}>}Sales)



      Thank you!!




      * INLINE [

          SalesPerson, Include, Sales

          AA,      Y, 1

          BB,      Y, 1

          CC,      N, 1

          DD,      N, 1

          EE,      Y, 1