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    Using  Set Analysis  for date comparison as expression

    Tushar Suvarna



      I am developing a simple table in qlikview .the  dimension for table  named "customer_payment "its fields are "customername", "duedate","dueamt","paiddate","paidamt".

      i am trying to design a simple pivot table which show the sum of all those customers who have paid thier dues the same day as thier duedate.


      I am currently using  set analysis ie


      sum({<duedate={"=paiddate "}>}paidamt )


      for finding the sum of payment on the same day but its not working .

      I also tried  the "if()" condition like -


        sum( if(duedate=paiddate,paidamt,0)


      this expression seems to work but i was wondering if the same result can be achieved throught Set Analysis .


      I am attaching a demo application


      Thanks and Regards ,