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    Using one dimension in an other in set analysis



      I will try to explain my problem, but sorry if it isn't clear, Englsih is not my langage.


      I have two tables with Year and Month in each one, but with a different name so there isn't any link. I can't change anything to that structure.


      But I need to use the value of one year and month in the other one. For example :


      Table Transac => MoisTransac (month) and AnneeTransac (year)

      Table km => Mois (month) and Annee (year)


      And I need that the month Mois used in the sum is the same than the value of the month MoisTransac


      I already tried this solutions with only the month but it doesn't work :

      Sum( {<  Mois = {"=MoisTransac"}  >} [Km_Pro] ) if(Mois=MoisTransac,[Km_Pro],0) sum({< Mois=p(MoisTransac)>} [Km_Pro] )



      Thank you for your help.