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    Determine FileName Prefix

      Hi Guys,

      I try to determine the prefix set on the file name.

      On the first hand, i have a list of prefix available and already loaded (table FilesPrefixs)

      On the other hand, i have a folder containing a list of files as Input.

      The goal is to determine what is the correct prefix to execute the correct SUB.


      What i have done at this time :



      LOAD FileNamePrefix

      RESIDENT FilesPrefixs

      WHERE SubStringCount(SubField($(vFileName),'-',1), FileNamePrefix) > 0;


      For example :

      > vFileName contain ABCD1243-20120101-195312

      > FileNamePrefix is supposed to contain : ABCD


      The result is an error : Unknown Field : ABCD


      I don't understand where is my problem.


      Do you have an idea on what i'm doing wrong.

      Thanks a lot for your help.