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    Set analysis problem!

      Hello everyone!

      I need some help because I've grown tired of trying myself,
      and I think you QV professionals can easily help me with this, so please help me!


      My problem:
      I have a table that look like this(150000rows):Productno,Bill of matrl and some other columns.
      productno is the unique ID that consists of x number bill of matrl.


      When i select x number of productno in the table, I get x number of rows in the Bill of matrl.
      Then i want a new column to show 'yes' or 'no' if any of the selected Bill of matrl rows are
      included in the excluded rows Bill of matrl.


      Like this:


      Table1: selected rows  
      Productno,Bill of matrl,New column
      A               A                No
      A               B                Yes  (BOM 'B' are among the excluded BOM rows)
      A               C                No
      B               A                No
      B               D                Yes  (BOM 'D' are among the excluded BOM rows)
      B               E                No

      Excluded rows
      Productno,Bill of matrl
      C               B
      C               D
      C               F


      Best regards/Patric