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    Limit Load QVDs

      Hi All,


      I have a problem when I want to limit qvd to concatenate into one qvd. For example I have 5 QVD history (Table_Jan2012, Table_Feb2012, Table_Mar2012, Table_Apr2012, Table_May2012). Every table created in the last days of month.

      We all know, we can use wildcard (*) if we want to load all QVD directly (Table_*.qvd) and concatenateed into one qvd..

      But in this case I want to load only last 3 QVD history automatically (Table_Mar2012, Table_Apr2012, Table_May2012), and save it into one qvd. And next month the script load only Table_Apr2012, Table_May2012, and Table_Jun2012;

      Anyone know how to make it?


      Thanks before.