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    Including help text boxes for the user



      I have a lot of different lists on one qlikview sheet and it may be a bit confusing for the user. So I want to include something like a "help text possibility" where the user can click on and get advice.


      What possibilities does QlikView offer in that case?

      I imagine adding a questionmark beside the list name and by clicking it a popup opens or something like a drop-down text box.


      I saw one example here from bikashdebnath "show & hide": http://community.qlik.com/message/124108#124108

      The text seems static and I want it more dynamic.


      Is it possible to create an extra file with all help texts and so if I click on "questionmark 1" I see "ExampleText1" and if I click on "questionmark 2" I see a "ExampleText2" in this same textbox?


      Thanks in advance for your help.