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    I generate a screenshot of a sheet

      I have a module that generates a screenshot of a sheet. This works perfectly on my local machine and if I'm logged into the server when it runs (through the task manager and not QEMS because of the limitations). However as soon as I log off of the server and it runs on it's own, the screen resolution seems to default to whatever the server is set at (which is very small to begin with)


      Other than me requesting the resolution to be bumped up by our IT guys, what other alternatives do I have?

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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          The alternative that springs to mind is creating a report in qlikview instead.

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              The report is in Qlikview... it's scheduled to make a snapshot of reloaded data at a specific point in time, and then send that via email to the company directors. Running it on the server through RDP looks fine, as soon as it's headless (aka, I logged off and it's running on it's own) the width is severely diminished which I suspect is the default server width.


              I can't see how you suggest I should do the report in QlikView when it's IN QlikView generating a screenshot.


              If you want to see my code (which is IN QlikView) and references to articles on this site on how to get a macro to run after the report has reloaded it's data (and how to do that) I would gladly link to every single thing I've gone through to make this work successfully.


              It's just the resolution changing to the server default each time that's making me tear out my hair

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              Rob Wunderlich

              You are exporting your screen image uisng "ExportBitmapToFile"? If you are uisng the server logon desktop to run the macro, it can be a struggle to get the window to open to just the right size..


              I've found a better approach is to use a screen grabber utility with an Ajax open. I've been using this SiteShoter


              with success. It allows you to specifiy a cropping to get just the image you want.