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    Publisher PDF Distribution Page Size

    Paul Routledge

      We are using Publisher to email PDF reports from our QliKView Applications.


      On of the Charts we are inclusding in a report is quite wide, wider than you can realistically fit on A4 in lansdscpae mode. From within the QlikView Application I have right clicked on the Chart, selected Print To PDF and in the dialog box presented set the default Papaer Size for the Chart to A2. I then pressed the Save Settings button. I can close the QVW file, reopen it and this setting is persisted.


      Also in the report designer (awful software   ) I have gone to menue option - Reports -> Report Settings to try and set a parge paper size there. A2 is not available but at least A3 is and that is what I have set.


      Using Publisher PDF distrinution there is nowhere to set the Paper Size for the PDF so I assumed these underlying setting a bove would define the paper size. But no, it alsways seems to rever to A4 when using Publisher.

      Can anyone adivse how to print wide charts using Publisher PDF Distribution. We really don't care how wide the chart is in relation to any perceived "Paper Size" as the report is NOT actually going to be printed to paper it will just be reviewed from within Acrobat. We just don't want page breaks in the chart due to it's not fitting within some forced A4 sizing.