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    How to get 2 or more title headings in pivot table

    Helen Pippard



      I was wondering if you could kindly help me achieve somthing in a pivot table?


      I would like to get a pivot table working so the Year and Month appear at the top of the pivot table and the data has been calculated and split between the 2 headings


      (Please note that I am attcahing a simplified version of what I am trying to achieve, but I do need a pivot table for the complicated version I am currently building)


      What I am trying to achieve is this:


      Total Time Spent In A&E Admitted03:0003:12
      Non Admitted03:1203:00
      Total Aggregated 02:2903:00


      I have attached an example of a qvd, if someone can help me get the column headings as desired?


      Many Thanks