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    Allow admin using name and password

    John Andersson


      Under Sequrity Tab, "Allow admin using name and password"

      is there any config file on server to change this?

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          Johannes Sunden

          Hi Johnan,

          where are you finding this setting? I checked under Document Properties and User Preferences but can't see it.

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            From QV Server Reference Manual 9

            Service by Service

            This chapter describes the QlikView Server/Publisher components in detail.


            QlikView Server

            Settings and Configuration




            Stores the QlikView Server (QVS) settings. Manual changes in this file require restart of QVS. This file is always stored in the “Data” folder (see Overview (page 53)).

            Data %ProgramData%\QlikTech\QlikViewServer

            C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\QlikViewServer (this folder is a hidden one)


            Shut down the QVS service and open a file Settings.ini

            Add a line


            just _before_ the line [Authentication]

            Save the file and start QVS again. The admin user might be locked out if you have unsuccessfully tried to connect before. Go to AdministrativeTools-ComputerManagement-LocalUsers and unlock your user.