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    Create mappingsheet to combine customers

    Jeroen Jordaan

      Hi QlikViewers,


      For a internal project I need to combine data from 4 different databases.

      In all the databases customers are stored. For 90% it are the same customers only with different ID's en sometimes different names.


      I was thinking to create a mappingsheet in Excel wich the employees can map the customers to each other and then I can import that in QlikView.


      Does anyone has a better idea?


      Thank you for your help.

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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          Sounds like a good idea. You'll need a 'clean' customer table too of course that contains only the deduplicated customers with the correct id numbers. You'll probably want 4 mapping tables, one for each source database to be sure you map the customer id's to the correct new id's of the deduped customers.

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              Jeroen Jordaan



              What do you think that is the best way to create a unique Customer Name.

              In every database there is a CustomerName, but most of the names are spelled different.


              So we have said that our financial system is leading in terms of their names.

              It could be that there are prospects in the CRM system but not in the financial system.


              What would be the best method that if the customer is in the financial system we want to use that name, otherwise the name of the customer in the CRM system


              If the client occurs in system a and system b then they will be linked via the mapping table and is the leading name the name in the financial system.


              I hope you can help with this.


              Thank you in advance