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    Interval Match & Incremental Load

      Hi All,


      What is interval match and how it is used. Can some one explain with any example also.



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          Mayil Vahanan Ramasamy



          From help:

          The IntervalMatch prefix to a Load or Select (SQL) statement is used for linking discrete numeric values to one or more numeric intervals.


          intervalmatch (field)(loadstatement | selectstatement )

          matchfield is the field containing the discrete numeric values to be linked to intervals.

          loadstatement or selectstatement must result in a two-column table, where the first field contains the lower limit of each interval and the second field contains the upper limit of each interval. The intervals are always closed, i.e. the end points are included in the interval. Non-numeric limits render the interval to be disregarded (undefined) while NULL limits extend the interval indefinitely


          I think following attached file help to understand the concept..