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    Line Chart - Axis Scale Max Min - Problem

    Michael Ionkin

      Hello community,


      I have the following problem:


      I've created a line chart with different KPIs. Every of this KPIs has a different scale (regarding max and min), for instance the max of the KPI length in mm is much bigger then the max of cycle time in hours/part. From the attached file you can see that the KPI nr 2 "Fliesszahl" is around 1000 and you hardly see the KPI nr 1 and 3.


      I tried to set Min to formula min(parameter) and max to formula max(parameter) but couldnt solve the issue.

      Do you have any ideas?


      I thought about creating a new field "Relative deviation in %" and to use it as a y Axis (scale), but that would be a change in the loading process and I wouldnt be happy to apply it.


      So thx in advance for your help



      Cheers chesterluck

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          The problem here is that this is a trellis chart and the idea of a trellis is that the scale applied to all charts inside the trellis is the same, QlikView therefore takes the min of all values and the max of all values and sets the scale on the y-axis automatically according to this.


          If you want different scales then you need to remove the trellis and create multiple charts.


          Your suggestion of converting to relative % change would also work, but you have already said you don't want to do it.


          You could perhaps develop it as a single line chart with two expressions, one which deals with high value numbers and the other that deals with loa value numbers. The high value numbers could be assigned to the Left hand Y-Axis and the low value numbers assigned to the Right hand Y-Axis. If you were to do this though you need to be careful that you understand your data well enough to ensure that everything is captured in one or the other.

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              Michael Ionkin

              Thank you very much for your answer.


              The problem with the multiple charts is that I have a lot of parameters (lets say 100). See, I have production machines, every machine has different parameters. The aim is to show all the parameters that are belonging to a machine at once (otherwise the user has to select a parameter). So I dont see the multiple chart as a solution. Please correct me if im wrong.


              What do you think about if I'm solving it somehow with a formula which i define inside of the chart (similar to relative values proposal from Question1). So I'll do the same , but not in the loading process , but in the presentation layer. Might that be a solution??