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    Change Null Values to a Value

      I use a straight table to list our outstanding quotes.


      Date, Quote No, Description, Value etc.


      I use an expression to display the sum([Quote Value]), but when this value is null or 0.00 none of the quote line displays, which im guessing is down to the expression not being able to sum on a null or 0 value hence dropping the line altogether.


      What would the best way to work around this?  I'd like to still show the line even if the value was set to 0.01 so the user knows this quote needs to be updated.


      I have experimented with


      if(OfferAmount = null() or = 0.00000, 0.01, OfferAmount) as [Quote Amount],


      this doesn't seem to work, but im also open to other sugestions of displaying the row data.


      Any help is greatly apreciated.