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    2 Set analysis in 1 expression

    Helen Pippard



      Can someone help me write the correct syntax for 2 set anlysis in 1 expression


      Firstly I have an expression which works fine with 1 set analysis




      Time(Fractile({<RunMonth = {$(=Max(RunMonth))}>}[Total Wait],0.95)/1440 , 'hh:mm')




      Now I want to use the above set analysis again but with an additional set analysis and I have written it as follows:




      Time(Fractile({<RunMonth = {$(=Max(RunMonth))}>}{<[Patient Admitted?]={"1"}>}[Total Wait],0.95)/1440, 'hh:mm')




      However I return the same set of results as expression 1


      I have tried an IF AND statement, but this seems to take ages to LOAD


      Any ideas?