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    Scanning documents on another server

    Göran Sander

      I keep getting errors when running "Validate Inputs" in an environment with two servers (one with QMC, distribution and one with QVS and web server).

      I intend to run the Governance Dashboard on the server where source documents/QMC/distribution lives, but then need to access the documents on the access point server (i.e. QVS and web server).


      But - however I enter the path to the server where the qvw files live, I get a "File Path directory does not exist or cannot be reached. Please validate your entry: <path>".

      I've tried \\<hostname>\AccessPoint, \\<IP>\AccessPoint and also sharing the directory on the 2nd server and mapping it on the first server (i.e. connecting to a z: drive, which is mapped to \\<IP>\AccessPoint).


      I can connect just fine between the servers, viewing files on z: while on server 1. But it looks like the Validate Input button refuse to scan files on a different server...


      Any ideas?