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    DMS Authorization: restrict on "region" based on LDAP field?

      Hi all,


      I have read all documentation regarding the server and authorization. But one thing remains unclear. How can you dynamically restrict what a user can see if you are using DSC (directory service) like LDAP or a custom authorization table (username, password, region).


      Question: is it just like section access, in the sense that if you both have this "region" field in LDAP table and in your application datamodel, that Qlikview QVS will dynamically restrict access?


      Or do you need to have a section access table in each QVW with colums (NT username, Region) in which you make te restriction? Can you also make use of groups?



      Single Sign on from portal to Qlikview apps, authentication is done via webtickets

      Dashboard needs to show only the data associated with the logged in user from the portal (group/region data is stored in the portal authentication system)

      Access to reporting portal is needed by:

      Customers from outside the company network (not in active directory)

      internal users (analysis)

      Developers (maintenance)


      Thank you very much