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    Reload schedule sometimes fails

      I have a huge list of scheduled QV reload on the QV server. Sometimes 1 or more QV reload fails. We have minmized the reload fails spreading out the reloads on the server, max 2 active at each time, but every few days a QV reload fails with only the message


      1. (2012-10-25 01:09:36) Information: Reloading
      2. (2012-10-25 01:24:36) Information: Reloading.
      3. (2012-10-25 01:24:44) Information: The Source Document reload complete. DocumentPath=[Some QV document path].qvw
      4. (2012-10-25 01:24:44) Information: Memory Allocation Delta for this file=93.18 Mb. Available Physical Memory Before Reload=8636.74 Mb. Available Physical Memory After Reload=10876.36 Mb. Total Physical Memory=10876.36 Mb.
      5. (2012-10-25 01:24:45) Error: The Source Document was NOT reloaded successfully. DocumentPath=[Some QV document path].qvw.
      6. (2012-10-25 01:24:45) Information: Initializing Reload (0), Finished (11621015)
      7. (2012-10-25 01:24:45) Error: Reload failed.
      8. (2012-10-25 01:24:45) Information: Closing the document.
      9. (2012-10-25 01:24:45) Information: Closed the QlikView Engine successfully. ProcessID=3372
      10. (2012-10-25 01:24:45) Information: Initializing (0), Finished (282)
      11. (2012-10-25 01:24:45) Error: Reload failed. Distribution skipped.
      12. (2012-10-25 01:24:45) Error: The task "[Some QV document path].qvw" failed. ErrorCount=3
      13. (2012-10-25 01:24:45) Information: Sending Alert Mail to 3 recipients.


      My question is: Is there any way to monitor exactly why the reload fails? Does QV offer this kind of monitorin or do I need some 3rd party monitoring/reporting tool? This does not happen every time we reload, so the code should not be the problem. I'm not sure if you need more info about this to answer, but any tips would be much appreciated.




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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          Have you enabled logging in your qvw document? You can also try adding trace statements to get more information in the log. Perhaps a connection to a database was disrupted.

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              Yes, the logging was enabled in the QVW. I always assumed that that log was the same as on the reload server, but I see now that the QVW log file contains much more information, thank you.


              In the log, I see that the reload failed becouse of a "General Script Error". Also it stops when trying to store a table into a QVD. It's unlikely that it's an actual script error since most of the time the QVW reloads successfully. And it's a weird place to stop if the database connection was lost, couse it fails after selecting ("74 fields found: ...) a large SAP table and when saving it into a QVD file.


              Am I right to assume these pointers? But at least this log file helps alot.



              25-10-2012 0:51:28: 4194    SQL SELECT [Long list of SAP tables]

              25-10-2012 0:51:28: 4195    FROM EKBE

              25-10-2012 0:51:37:                   74 fields found: [List of the 74 fields] 2.293.736 lines fetched

              25-10-2012 1:24:40: 4197    STORE EKBE INTO ..\..\Data\[Some QVD document path].QVD

              25-10-2012 1:24:44:         General Script Error

              25-10-2012 1:24:44:         Execution Failed

              25-10-2012 1:24:44:      Execution finished.

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                  Gysbert Wassenaar

                  I don't think the select was the problem. After all, the log says 2.293.736 lines fetched. I'd assume that the error happened after that. It could be the store. You could check if the qvd file was created correctly by checking the file time and trying to load manually in a test qvw file. If that's all correct then the script error occurred after that. You'll have to see what statements are executed there.