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    Data filter



      I need some help with Qlikview. I have uploaded 5 columns, the first one with the date and the others with numbers. Then with these data I plot 3 charts. In 2 of these 3 charts I would like to filter the data, because sometimes I have 0's or numbers above 1, what doesn't make sense for these 2 charts. How can I "delete" these rows of data in these 2 charts???


      Thank you very much for your help!!!!!




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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          You can use calculated dimensions to make a 'new' dimension that only shows the data you want. Depending on your situation it may also be possible to fix the issue with a set analysis expression in the charts expressions. Can you share the qvw you're working on and telling us what you need in more detail?

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              Hey Gysbert!


              My Data looks like this (but with many more rows):


              03.08.2012 13:140,4530,180,1780,434
              03.08.2012 13:230,480,1930,170,436
              03.08.2012 13:490,4450,1830,1750,442
              03.08.2012 14:190000
              03.08.2012 14:210,4510,1820,1710,471
              03.08.2012 14:310,4990,1890,1920,473
              03.08.2012 15:080,4290,1780,1580,456


              I would like not to take into account for example the lrow with only 0's (4th line).

              The chart in which I want to "delete"/"not take into account" these rows has as dimensions "month" and "day". Has formula I have "Avg(Z1V1niO)";  "Avg(Z1V2niO)"; etc.


              How can I use a "set anaysis"?? I tried to learn how it works but I didn't find proper documentation....



              Thank you very much for your help!!!