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    Multi Metric selection

      What if I wanted to show a line chart with one or more of the following:

                       Sales Dollars

                       Sale Units



      Some users may be focused on a particular Metric, I want to be able allow them to select the metric they are interested in.


      So far I have created a chart with the 3 metrics. In the properties box (Expressions), I selected the Conditional check box, but the only option that works is something like this ....

                                              _metricPickList ='Sales Dollars'


      What I really want it something like this, but I can't get the syntax right.


                                              _metricPickList in ('Sales Dollars' , 'Sales Units')

        • Re: Multi Metric selection

          I'm responding to myself ...
          Well Jamie ... first I want say  ... "You look Marvelous!!!"   

          Okay ... I found the answer by trial and error ...

          For each expression you would add a condition like this ...

          GetFieldSelections(_metricPickList) like  '*Sales Units*' 
          GetFieldSelections(_metricPickList) like '*Sales Dollars*' 
          GetFieldSelections(_metricPickList) like  '*Margin*' 


          Thanks Jamie you rock!