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    Accessing QV in MAC machines

    Shivarama krishna K

      HI All,


      How to access the QV dashboards from accesspoint in MAC machines.

      Is there any other best way to access the QV applications in Mac machines such that we should have the similar kind of view which we usually get in IE .




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          Fernando Obara Suzuki

          The easiest answer is no; MAC users can only access the apps with a browser and AJAX.


          BUT there are some workarounds, depending on the infrastructure available. As what I've already seen:

          1. mac user connects to a Terminal Server via remote desktop, and then they can use the IE;

          2. you can configure a Citrix Server environment, and deploy the IE app to the users

          3. the MAC machine has a VM with Windows and the user uses this VM to connect to the AccessPoint.



          hope this helps


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            Paul Verkooijen

            If you use de IEPlugin it won't display the same view, simply because it's an OCX


            From: http://community.qlik.com/message/58320#58320

            "the Plugin (or Analyzer) provides a graphical interface for users to view your QVWs without any distortion and with full functionality."


            If you use the full browser version the view would be the same, however there are differences between browsers available for MacOS