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    How to make YTD, MTD, FY.

      Hi All,


      I have a data model where like example there is one date column


      TRDate         ,Sales

      01/01/2012    ,4512

      01/02/2012    ,1487


      Date is upto from Jan - 2012 to current date like 26/10/2012


      1. How can i make a chart for the YTD.

      2. How can i create a chart like MTD.

      3. How can i make char for FY.

      etc if you have any other type of the chart according to date field. Please provide help for this quicker will be appreciated.



      Thanks & Regards

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          Axel Gustafsson



          I do like this:


          sum({$<PeriodCounter = {"$(=Max(PeriodCounter))"},YearCounter = {"$(=Max(YearCounter))"}>} Amount)/-Unit

          YTD (the setexcl variable = "=Year=, Month=, Quarter=" ):

          sum({$<PeriodCounter = {"<=$(=max(PeriodCounter))"},YearCounter = {"$(=max(YearCounter))"},$(setexcl)>} Amount)/-Unit


          Hope it helped