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    Minimize & Maximize functions

    Hein Schultz

      Hi All


      I was hoping to get some assistance with the way that QV minimizes & maximizes charts.


      The attached QVW example helps to explain my issue.


      When I double click the Minimized Box 1, it minimizes Box 2 and opens where Box 1 was. The same happens for when I then double click the minimized Box 2.


      So here is the question - When i double click Box 3, it Minimizes Box 1 & 2, but it minimizes them over each other.

      If Box 1 or 2 is maxed, I want the minimized version to go to where Box 3 was.


      Basically, there are 2 positions for minimized. And I want to always see both options available when another is maxed. When the 1 minimizes it must go to the area of the one you just maximized.


      Hope I'm explaining this correctly so that it makes sense