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    Bar chart with 2 expressions and 2 dimensions

      I need assistance putting together a graph chart. I have Dimension A and Dimension B. In the chart I want to see Dimension A (10 items) across the x-axis. Then for each of the Dimension A items, I was to see in the chart 2 different counts of Dimension B which also consists of 10 items. When I originally set this up using only 1 count of Dimension B, I used a stacked bar chart so I would only see 1 bar per each Dimension A item and the legend displayed the 10 different Dimension B items. Ideally, I would like to use the same format to show 2 stacked bar charts for each Dimension A item; one showing count 1 and one showing count 2. Does anyone have any ideas how to accomplish this in a stacked bar or any type of chart?

      Thank you!