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    QVS Custom User Assign Authorization to a Folder

      Hi @all,



      is there a way to authorize a custom User within the Custom Directory to a folder, in which the qw-documents are saved?


      Up to now I select every document under "Documents" in the qw-management Console and under "Authorization" I name the Custom User/Group.


      If I have, for example, one Custom User who shall have access to all QlikView-Documents in all of the folders, it is very tedious to select every document and allow the authorization for this special User. May be there is a better way to do this?


      This is the Folderstructure:


      Root Folder

           - Client 1

                - client1.qvw

           - Client 2

                - client2.qvw

           - Client 3

                - client3.qvw


      The best would be, if I could authorize the Custom User to access the Root Folder and every qvw-file which lies in there (including the subfolders).


      Hope, somebody can help me. If there are any questions, please ask.