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    Sporadic Performance Issue for Document on Server

    Brent Nichol

      A document that will open in less than 5 seconds, normally on the QVS, is sporadically taking up to 10 minutes to open.  And once open, the document is sluggish or non-responsive.  This is only occurring randomly.


      Any ideas what it might be?


      The Server setting 'Allow only one copy of document in memory' is unchecked and the document has 'Refresh Mode when Document is Updated on Server' set to 'Server performs refresh automatically without client action.'   This is the only document we have that refreshes automatically. 


      Is there know issues with this setting?


      The same document is being served by 2 separate servers, but the performance impact is only being seen on the core production server.


      The document is being used by 10 - 20 concurrent users, but the symptoms have been identified when the numbers are as low as 2.  The issue began as the document was released to a number of new users.



      No performance issues are being experienced by users of other documents at the same time and both RAM and CPU utilization are within the normal operating range.



      Any suggestions would be appreciated,