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    Max Date Needed.....

    Thomas Mumaw

      Good morning all,

      Need your help getting the maxdate from a employee table.  What I have is multiple entries for the same employee with different WEDAT's.  I only need my file to contain the most current WEDAT  record.  How can I achieve this?  I would like to do it in my load script.




      [As of Date]    AS [WEDAT],
      [Cost Ctr]        AS [Profit Center],
      [Emp #]            AS [All.Emp #],
      [Activity]          AS [JobCode],
      [Emp Subgrp] AS [All.Emp Subgrp],
      [Date 2]             AS [All.Date 2],
      [As of Date] & [Cost Ctr] & [Emp #] & [Activity] & [Emp Subgrp] & [Date 2] as ConKey