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    Due vs Paid amount - Date  Issue

    Tushar Suvarna

      Hi ,


      I am facing issue while plotting the following data.

      sample Data model is attached along with qvw.


      I have a table consisting 4 columns- AccountId,DueAmount,PaidAmount,DueDate,PaidDate.

      I want to plot..due amount and paid amount against each of these dates either due date or paid date.



      I want to show for a DueDate how much DueAmount has been collected till date. example: say PaidAmount till date for a due date of april



      When I plot duedate vs dueamount and paidamount...I get dueamount correct but incorrect paidamount ( actually it shows paidamount for respective due dates in the respective month, which is correct, however, I want it to show paid amount till date in that respective month)


      When I plot paidddate vs dueamount and paidamount...I get incorrect dueamount but correct paidamount...explanation same as above.


      Im am attaching a sample application I have plotted one pivot table with duedate as dimension and plotted another chart with paid date as dimension(currently April,May and Jun is used) .

      Any solutions  for such a situation?


      Thanks and regards