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    Writing a Macro in QV

      Hi everyone,


      I am trying to create a routine that will manage how/what QV report will show up in my sheet, and wondeirng if someone can point me to the right direction.


      Suppose that I have two variables x and y where x in (1,2,3) and y in (4,5,6), and there are 9 tables t14, t15, t16, t24, t25, t26, t34,t35, and t36 associated (x,y). As you can see, they are completely determined by the ordered pair (x,y), and what I would like to do is to maximize table one table and minimize other tables. For example, when x=1 and y=4, I would like to maximize t14, and hide the others. I have tried "action" option in QV, but it does not seem to work well, and wondering if there is a way to write a macro in QV.


      Thank you.


      p.s. I also attached a mock qvw file here.