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    Simple Proxy with Apache - problem with certain editions of internet Explorer

      Hi all,


      I try to do a simple proxy with apache.


      QlikView Server v11 SR2 is on port 8082 ( changed in admin) and apache is on port 80


      I added this simple lines to apache config :


      <virtualhost *:80>


         ProxyRequests off

         ProxyPass /

         ProxyPassReverse /



      All seems OK with firefox and chrome.


      With internet Explorer 9 on Win7 x32 it is OK.


      But on WInXP+IE7 or Win8Pro with IE 10 and Windows 2008 with IE8 sometimes it asked me authentication ( with popup) more than one time and sometimes some grahics are not displayed ( i presume that the AJAX request need authentication but can't display a logon popup)


      attached is IE 10 problem.






      Do someone have an idea ?


      For now Apache is doing nothing else then redirect.




      Mathieu PLASSE