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    QlikView beginner doubts



      In these first days that I was working with QlikView (v. 10) I came up with some questions that I couldn't find specific answers in the QlikView Community and, therefor, I am asking for your help.


      1 - I'm using personal edition. For a project which the final version will be run using IE plugin (where can I find that now?) can I base my project layout using the WebView Layout? That will be how the version running in IE will be look like?


      2- Can I "lock" the document layout so that the final user can't move/resize multiboxes, etc? I have the property "Move/Size" unchecked but, if I am using WebView layout I can still resize the multibox columns


      3 - Is it possible to change filter language and appearance? I mean, I have a "Current Selections" box but when I select many values, it starts to appear "11 of 31" instead of the values actually selected... Or if I select even more values, it starts to appear "NOT 18, 20, 31". Is it possible to show all values? If that isn't possible, is it possible then to change the NOT keyword to the equivalent in any language (german, spanish, portuguese, french, ...)?


      4 - I tried to implement a chart using google maps and a solution I found here in the QlikCommunity. In a place where I don't have a proxy, it works perfectly (it shows the map) but in another place where I'm using QlikView, it doesn't appear the map in the chart meaning it shows a grey rectangle. I think it is because I'm using a proxy... How can I define the proxy settings (user / password) in QlikView so that I can make the google map appear in the chart?


      5 - Is it possible to not show a grey background in a listbox for the values which are not selectable?


      I know that it is a lot of questions but I think it's important because that's probably something everyone has asked themselves when they started working with QlikView


      Many Thanks in advance

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          Here's the answers I found out so far:


          1 - Yes, we can base our ajax layout in WebView since in the end it'll be very similar.


          3 - It's possible to define the number of max results shown in current selections in "User Preferences" --> "General" --> "Max values in current selections" but I don't think is possible to "override" the language. But if we define a big number in the field mentioned above, we won't see the "NOT" and "of" keywords anyway

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            Kourosh Karimi-Ghovanlou

            Hi, I'll try to answer a few of your questions that I know from the top of my head.

            1. The IE Plug-in is very much WYSIWYG to the full desktop client, so if you are using the plug-in you don't need to develop using the webview layout. The difference is that the Ajax (thin) client WILL look different unless you design with the webview in mind.

            2. The move/size checkbox will prevent users changing the layout, but as far as I know you can't lock down column re-sizing. There is another checkbox 'read only' which will stop a lot of user interactions, but it won't do much on your multi-boxes.

            5. You can change the default green, white and grey (there are a few posts in this forum about it) but I wouldn't advise it because you lose that whole associative element which must have drawn you to Qlikview in the first place!