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    Error in Expression Value

    Gerhard Laubscher

      Hi There,


      In my load script I have an expression like this:


      if([Champion Challenge No] = 28 or [Champion Challenge No] = 31,round([Value of first purchase]/20,0.01),

           if([Champion Challenge No] = 29 or [Champion Challenge No] = 32,round([Value of first purchase]/10,0.01), 0)) as [PQ First Purchase Discount],


      This means that certain people qualify for a 10% or 5% discount on their first purchase.


      Then I have a table where I want to check that the system is correctly posting the expected discount.


      Expression 1 is my EXPECTED Discount:      =[PQ First Purchase Discount]

      Expression 2 is the actual discount posted     =sum([Trans Amount])*-1


      Expression 3 I want to use to look for accounts where the correct discount did not post. So I want to subtract the two expressions from each other, and I am expecting zero values. If teh value is zero I want the field left blank, and otherwise I want to see the value. SO my expression looks like this:

      =if([PQ First Purchase Discount]-(sum([Trans Amount])*-1)=0,'',[PQ First Purchase Discount]-(sum([Trans Amount])*-1))


      But for some reason, I sometimes do not get a zero value when I subtract the expression, even though the values are the same. See the image attached.


      Any ideas?