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    QV11 - No "Show LAST" for dimension limitations?

      My company just migrated to QV11 SR2 and there's a lot of messed up things I have to clean up. One of them is a chart that used to show the LAST 13 values, as a rolling 13 week average chart. I can't use variables for this, this report is viewable to upper management and they need the info upon loading without having to input vMin vMid vMax dates in tiny boxes off to the side.


      My current workaround for this dimension of




      is to have "Enable X-Axis Scrollbar" checked,  "When Number of Items Exceeds" = 13 and "Reversed" checked on the Presentation tab; and "Scrollbar Width" = 0 on the Layout tab. This is working so far but is there a better way?

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               I have faced the same situation and this is what I have done. On QV11, chart properties, there is a new tab called "Dimension Limits": here you can limit the number of elements. The tricky detail is that what you will choose here will be applied only at the values of your first enabled expression.

          So, in your example, go in that tab and select "Show Only" "Largest" "13". Now go on the expression tab and add (AS FIRST EXPRESSION FROM THE TOP): max(date(dev_finish_date))

          The idea is to have the date value for every point in your char, the Dimension Limits will display only the latest 13 weeks. If the formula is not working correctly try to play around the idea.

          The expression must to be "Enable" and "Invisible"; all the rest must to be unselected otherwise the graph will be modified. The expression is used only as filter.